A local, agile, high-quality, customer-focused printer.


There is something new in Northern California—Fortis Solutions Group’s Wine and Spirits Division.

We’ve put together an all-star team of experts whose mission is to change the landscape of the label printing process; in a facility built from the ground up around our customer-centric values. No big corporate bureaucracy here: we move with the speed and agility today’s markets require, maintaining creativity and flexibility.


An unique collaborative experience.


“Let your imagination fly! Our job is to turn your creative vision into reality.”


Small is the new big.

Be part of the label printing process from start to print instead of being on the outside looking in.  Our expert team will listen to your vision and provide suggestions for materials and finishes to bring your wine & spirits label ideas to life.

You will experience an organic partnership that grows with strength through successful projects.  We are willing to dare to be different by personalizing our process to your needs, rather than providing a cookie-cutter approach like everyone else.

You need to catch the eye of the consumer and connect them to your brand. We are ready, willing, and able to take that ride with you.

Experience the difference when you visit us.

Walk into our building, and you will notice the difference right away. It’s less a manufacturing environment and more a welcoming space that will encourage your creativity. We welcome you to our production floor to see your label coming to life in real-time.

Our team will be the core of the personal relationship we develop with you, from sales and customer service to our technical team. Each of us excited to talk with you about the art and science of creating something extraordinary for your bottle.

You’ll leave with new friends, a new appreciation of the printing process, and a project that will be sure to win the hearts of consumers.

“Both the winemaking and printing processes involve a unique blend of art and science.”

Get to know Fortis Solutions Group and what we can do for you!